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Who We Are ?

Jan Manthan Adhikar (JMA) is an organisation working on climate action and sustainability. Jan Manthan Adhikar vociferously works towards the causes of conservation, addressing climate change and preserving biodiversity by spreading environmental consciousness. Our work is primarily centred in Delhi, however, we do intend to scale up and work across India. In conjunction with a cohort of like-minded and driven civil society partners, individuals and corporates we strive to contribute to the Sustainable Millennium Goal 13 focussed on climate action.

Our Mission is to sustainably contribute toward environmental conservation, mitigating climate change impacts, and improving bio-diversity in Delhi and eventually the country. The key objectives of JMA are:

  • To increase the green cover of areas in Delhi-NCR and nearby states by planting 5 lakh trees in the next five years
  • To restore urban water bodies, ornamentation of water bodies via hydroponics technology, waterlillies, water chestnuts and associate those with sustainable livelihoods
  • To institute at least nurseries, poly-houses in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar
  • Build a strategic knowledge base to address climate change

  • Create sustainable livelihoods by facilitating water chestnut and waterlily plantation

  • Our Vision is to Develop strategic knowledge base to address the concerns of climate change and  improve biodiversity indicators and contribute toward SDG target 13.

Together To Help The World Better!

Please help us change lives around the world



  • Since 2016 JMA has been conducting Non formal Education Classes for 60-100 children in Sukhroli Enclave Gurugram.

  • The program was designed for children between the ages of 6-10 years, who had dropped out of school or needed support.

  •  Reading, writing, numerical literacy are all taught in the classrooms through innovative learning methods. 

Sustainability, Agriculture, Environment

  • JMA is partnering as a training associate with Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIC) and training budding entrepreneurs in foot wear paper bags making, pickle-jam-jelly making, soap & detergent powder, tailoring, carpentry, construction and welding works. About 105 women trained and 45 are now earning their livelihoods as entrepreneurs. Some of them also went on to start their own start-ups with the  help of Khadi and Village Industries Commission.
  • In Bhagalpur district of Bihar, JMA is spreading awareness among farmers and villagers about organic farming, systematic rice intensification (SRI), vegetable cultivation, rain water harvesting, horticulture, food, forest, dairy and animal husbandry-based livelihoods, soil conservation, soil health management, less inputs farming, agro-forestry and appropriate land use.
  • Jan Manthan Adhikar has involved the youth and motivated them to contribute towards plantation activities in an environment friendly manner,  Other NGOs also joined forces with JMA to create awareness regarding tree plantations. This initiative was supported by the mother organization of GROW TREE between 2019-2020.


  • Jan Manthan Adhikar partnered with members supports patients who are unable to pay their medical bills for health check ups and hospitalizations. Such patients are also given support with critical care, ambulance services, accident cases. Since 2015 until now, 1000 beneficiaries have been impacted by this initiative.
  • JMA has been continuously interacting with people in Delhi, Haryana and Bihar to organize health camps, self-employment awareness workshops, sports competitions, plantation programmers, urban farming, rain water harvesting and, skill development.


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